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Why You Require Data Processing For Social Media?

Social media is a strong market place where every business is seeking to know more about their customers and prospective leads. It can be a strong lead magnet as well as offer great insights into customer behavior. The social media often also becomes the fastest medium of communication for most businesses. It is observed that millions of users are exchanging messages and searching for information on various social media channels on a daily basis. This amounts to a significant volume of data which does not always make sense to the business as such.

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Automated vs Manual Data cleansing services for big data

Data cleansing services is unavoidable for businesses. It is a meticulous process that requires expertise and experience in the particular domain. Whether they get it done manually or use automated tools, data cleansing is a must if the business wants to make use of the valuable information it has generated and extracted from reliable sources. Big data is helping businesses with critical information on customer usage and market conditions. But cleansing Big Data is also a challenge.

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Simple Data Cleansing Techniques using excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool. It is widely used by businesses and professionals for various data processing requirements. From interest calculation to accounting, Excel offers many in-built functions and tools for powerful data processing. But very few know that Excel can be used for data cleansing too! Here we share with you some of the interesting Data Cleansing Techniques available in Excel and that can be done using Excel.

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Address and email compilation service - Gain a Competitive Edge in Business

As the business grows, businesses will need experts handling their address and email compilation services for ensuring efficient communication. As businesses consider digitization, they have to transfer the physical documents containing the contact details into a digital database and also collect more information from other online and offline sources.

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