Since not all data may reside in a digital format we at Online Data Entry provide another specialized subcategory for Data Entry which is the more traditional data entry process. IDhelp is one of the top Offline Data Entry Services provider from India.Handling such a project requires skills in organization, indexing and more often than not actual manual labor. As this is a process that has been around for a long period of time, we have established various methods that enhance the process used to suit the type and form the original data may be presently in. This therefore also indicates that we have years of experience in this service as this is the fundamental data entry work that we are built upon.

Offline Data Entry Services

This type of offline data entry work is sometimes known as offshore data entry and outsources data entry jobs.As this information is usually a hard format the skill level and proficiency of our Specialists play a vital role in the handling of such projects. Working with information in this format also allows us to work without the need to develop specific IT tools for its processing. While having a team of trained and experienced specialists allows such data to be worked on quickly and efficiently.

Making the data we enter relevant and usable for future use, at India Data Entry Help we ensure it is made into an appropriate digital format that is based on the latest and most current standards for data analysis and processing. Digitizing data gives our clients the opportunity to remove unnecessary hard format bulk data which takes up physical space but also is susceptible to damage and deterioration. And make it into a format that is well indexed, digital and secure. On top of this the digital data is backed up occasionally, checked and securely archived for future reference, we also guarantee data is not given out to other entities so as to keep the information especially client data confidential.

India Data Entry Help ensures that the original documents are kept in the most secure manner and returned back to the client in a proper organized manner after it has been processed. Apart from this the new digital format of the data can now be further analyzed by other services offered by India Data Entry, where we can make your data work for you further.

Since the formats may vary here are some examples of formats we have encountered with some of our clients but this list is not limited to the following:

Offline Data Entry Services We Offer

  • Name cards

  • Raw Data in processed and unprocessed forms

  • Forms

  • Application Forms

  • Interviewee Profiles and Resumes

  • Mailing Lists

  • Tax vouchers

  • Sales Data

  • Chemical information

We serve an international clientele, therefore we ensure we remain open at all times; throughout the day every day of the year. Contact us or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]