Questionnaire Data Entry Services

Questionnaire Data Entry is a key service offered at India Data Entry Help, your versatile partner for all you data outsourcing needs. Questionnaires serve a similar purpose as a survey but the key advantages in comparison stems from the effort required as well as the use of fairly standardized answers. As the effort to carry out filling in of questionnaires is comparatively less than traditional surveys a larger number of questionnaires usually are attained. From this, the immense quantity of data is usually overwhelming and usually takes a toll for manual entry into a digitized database.Our team at India Data Entry Help are well experienced in all types of Questionnaire Data Entry Services, Survey Form Data Entry Service etc.

Questionnaire Data Entry Services

Questionnaires are adopted by many different organizations, with the aim of understanding their clients better, to improve customer services and satisfaction, evaluation for employees via peer reviews, and for applications for insurance, financial loans, and other services. The best means of collecting such information would be a direct use of technology but this is not usually adopted as it is high cost, therefore questionnaires are usually done on hard copy forms. Due to this, these filled forms have to be manually sorted through and the information found in each form then has to be keyed into a computer.

At India Data Entry Help, we have the similar capability to sort through individual forms, but the main difference is the amount of personnel that we have on hand to carry this out is large. They are separated into teams which would carry out this task through an error reduction process which entails a double data entry and validation method. Apart from this for repetitive forms we have the latest in technology to scan and carry out character recognition as well as marking recognition. For this automated system, we also carry out a similar double data entry and validation method with random checks to ensure the data transfer process is highly accurate.

If you have a set of completed questionnaires you wish you digitize, get in touch with us now and we will be glad to assist you at a moment's notice. If you intend to carry out a questionnaire in the near future get in touch with us now and we will be able to advise and support you from the start to make the digitization process a breeze.

Some of the types of Questionnaire Data Entry Services:

  • Customer Feedback

  • Client Feedback

  • Experience Feedback

  • Insurance Forms

  • Interviewee Forms

  • Product Feedback

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