XLS and CSV Conversion Services

India Data Entry Help handles an array of different back-office processes for an international client list. One of our top services includes XML conversion services. XML is Extensible Markup Language which is very similar to that of HTML.India data entry help has the latest technologies to provide the accurate and error free XLS, CSV conversion services at low cost for our clients. The difference between XML and HTML is its purpose, where XML is mainly used to package data to be moved from one point to another while HTML was designed to show the data in a particular fashion. As this is the case the transmission of large quantities of data is usually done using XML, therefore the effective conversion of information for organizations relies on the ability of the team or individuals tasked with this process.

XLS CSV Conversion Services

India Data Entry Help offers a host of back office services for organizations to utilize, as we have both the manpower and resources to handle large and small projects tasks in a timely fashion and within short turnover rates yet being cost effective. XLS (Excel Binary File Format) and CSV conversion services (Comma Separated Values) are just part of a larger umbrella of services offered.

XLS is a file format developed and used in the Microsoft Excel program as a means to store data in spreadsheets while CSV holds tabular data in a simple text format. Conversion is especially required for files that pre-exist in these two formats, and needs to be converted effectively to other more accepted formats or versions while maintaining the essence of the data. XLS is a back dated version where now the later versions of Excel uses a XML-based format instead. In terms of CSV format files certain instrumentation or technologies may generate raw data in this format and therefore require the need for the conversion; as a large portion of batch data may affect the functioning of the programming involved.

Taking on projects that involve such conversions is usually mundane and time consuming for organizations, thus allowing such back office processes to be given to external service providers such as India Data Entry Help makes it a viable option. As specialized companies such as us have both the manpower and resources, allowing the processing time to be shortened even for large scale projects.

Our manpower consists of teams made up of highly experienced staff, these teams are able to work around the clock for each project improving the turn over time significantly. Furthermore the latest in technology is made available in order for our teams to improve their production rates.

Conversions involving XLS and CSV requires of validation and comparative proofing with the original datasets. Apart from this our project managers allocated to the project will ensure the end product meets up to the standards set by India Data Entry Help. We are than able to ensure each project is handled with versatility to cater to all, accuracy to ensure a precise transference process is achieved while being cost effective to give good return of investment and trust for the client.

Here are some examples of XLS and CSV conversion services :

  • XLS or CSV to XLSM

  • XLS or CSV to XLSB

  • XLS or CSV to XLSX

  • XLS or CSV to XLTM

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