Word Processing Services

India Data Entry Help takes on a variety of services for an international clientele, among these services are data processing. We provide Word Processing Services under this service category for the organization both small and large. Word Processing Services is also known as Microsoft Word (MS-Word) Processing; utilizing the widely popular software for data processing requirements. We are also very familiar with other software programs from different developers that handle word processing.

In an organization word processing is used typically for the creation of legal documents, memorandums, proposals, bid applications and letters. The main features offered in documents made using a word processor includes font faces, indexing, referencing, numbering, integration with spreadsheet programs, image embedding, and usage of templates. Apart from this simple information about the document is easily obtained such as word count, line count, and page count. The final deliverable for each and every project will have an option for the client to specify the form and format of the finalized data.

word processing services

With this we ensure our systems meet to software requirements for word outputs from different developers; without any loss to the information and other document elements missing or wrongly placed.

As this process requires a keen eye for detail and a good understanding in formatting of business documents, our data processing experts are specially allocated to carry out such jobs and projects.

They would consist of individuals who have an efficient and accurate typing speed with near zero errors, and with the time management skills to ensure delivery of the project. For larger projects a team of data processing experts are tasked allowing the client to simplify their back office needs, while ensuring deliverables are in excellent state of quality and specifications

The international clientele we serve at India Data Entry Help have been supported through these years with quality and timely deliverables. Where we strive to improve our standards continuously to keep ourselves relevant and progressive; so that we can continue to meet our clients demands and expectations. We are eager in taking on new projects while keeping the promise that it is done in a manner that is secure, relevant and accurate. An allocated project manager will be allocated and will serve as the contact person between the client and the project team, he or she will administer and manage all the processes and documentation that is required throughout the processes:

Examples of Word Processing Services we are familiar with:

  • Apple Pages

  • Atlantis Word Processor

  • GNU TeXmacs

  • Groff

  • IA Writer

  • KWord

  • Ted

  • Microsoft Word / Office Suite

  • Nota Bene

  • WordPerfect

We serve an international clientele, therefore we ensure we remain open at all times; throughout the day every day of the year. Contact us or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]