Excel Data Entry Services to Keep Secure Your Data

Excel Data Entry is widely used by organizations to input, store and process information quickly. Excel lets you store information in rows and columns which serves the purpose of a basic database. It is a powerful tool that comes with a range of useful built-in functions and utilities which makes it an excellent data processing tool for business purposes. From inventory management to accounting, businesses can use Excel to store and process raw information into a more valuable version. Competent Data Entry Services providers offer exclusive excel data entry services that’s secure and safe. Not many know that Excel comes with many in-built security features.

Password Protection

One of the most common ways of protecting your data is by using passwords for securing the files. Password protection is used by many businesses. It is the easiest and most manageable way to protect documents. Excel documents can be password-protected to safeguard against unauthorized access. Outsourced excel data entry services providers will be able to offer more secured passwords that are easier to manage and yet secure.

Read-Only Lock

Excel documents can be locked to protect the information. Open documents can be easily edited or manipulated by unauthorized people easily. The data may be overwritten or deleted by mistake too. Making the excel document read-only ensures that the original file remains unedited. A read-only lock makes the excel document viewable while retaining its original form intact. If the user wants to save the document with changes, they will have to save a copy and they won’t be able to make changes to the original.


Encrypted files are more secured than normal files. Businesses can get their Data entry service provider to save the information in encrypted format which needs a decryption key to open. Encryption is a safe way to transfer and handle information while transferring. Network encryption and file encryption can be done to ensure data security.

Excel Data Entry

Hiding Data

Excel lets you store data in rows and columns. You can hide specific rows and columns altogether and lock the document to save your information. When you outsource data entry in US to Indian firms, they make sure that all critical information that need not be disclosed to unauthorized people and are used for references and calculations are hidden. This adds another layer of security to your information. Industry experts ensure that classified data is hidden with the help of data entry experts.

Data Conversion

Excel lets you store information in rows and columns which makes it the simplest database. It makes data processing simpler and more efficient. But considering the protection of information, all third-party document sharing should be in read-only or PDF formats. PDF files are much lighter than Microsoft Office files and tougher to crack the protection code. The outsourcing partner will help you with all required data conversions too as required.

Organized Data Sharing

The outsourcing partners will help to sort out the required data and classified data separately or as hidden to protect the same. This can be helpful while converting or sharing the documents. Only authorized people will have access to classified information.